How to avoid getting a Virus

Real quick recommendation.

Do you like to download files from links you receive here or elsewhere?

Do you scan them with a virus software?

Did you know that even good anti-virus misses more than you can even begin to imagine?

Look on here everyone likes porn. When there is a video that you don’t have and that good guy hooks you up with a link to a free download of the video there are some things to LOOK OUT FOR.

First, and I know this sounds obvious, check what kind of file type it is. Even a file that ends in a media format like .mp4 or .wma can be a different file format. Check in the file properties or put your file browser to list mode so you can see the file type.

Next, Scan it. Start with your anti-virus software, and if it catches something great! Even if it doesn’t I recommend uploading it to: [VirusTotal]
It will check with major databases and catches far more viruses than most.

Look, it’s free and doesn’t take long and will prevent your computer from getting bogged down and catching the equivalent of internet herpes and getting added to a bot net.

Good luck and be safe.