How to build an OSR2?

I’ve been seeing posts about OSR2, and from what I can gather, it’s essentially a 3D printed device with some motors and an open-source Arduino program that lets it move and sync to videos and whatnot. Searching for it brings up lots of blogs and a Patreon, but I can’t find where to actually acquire the darned things. Like, where can I get the 3D files? The arduino code? What motors and other electronics do I need to buy? Do I need to be a Patron to get all of this stuff? The “Open-Source” part of the name leads me to believe it’s available somewhere, but where can I find it?

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Generally, you’re supposed to support Tempest’s Patreon in order to get build instructions, parts, etc. It’s under his “Maker” tier.


Fair enough. Any idea roughly how much it costs to get all the parts if I have access to a 3D printer and all the fillaments, screws, and tools already?

I think I built it around $200 -$250 USD for a standard OSR2 with pitch add-on (can’t remember exactly; was over a year ago). The most varying prices will be the servos and main board though. I have relatively cheap servos.

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I’m about to build the SR6 and I’ve ordered the 3D printed parts from a Discord user. I highly recommend becoming a Patreon and joining the group.

I think the build is simple enough, but it was a steep learning curve for me with the software etc.

way less… i bought 4 servos for 20€ each , the romeo board for 25€ , the power adapter cost me 10 and a few other parts for maybe around 20ish € making it 135€ + the 3d printed parts :slight_smile: (that is if you have the 3d printer + the requiered tools / cables lying around)
it has pitch, roll and twist.

In terms of “open source” part of it, the patreon is kind of an early access type of thing for the latest design files. Every so often Tempest releases files to the public which can be found here and used freely (OSR2 Stroker Robot for Fleshlight by TempestMAx - Thingiverse). The control software is open source and freely available for people to use from what I understand.

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It’s definitely worth signing up on Patreon and jumping into the Discord. The community there is so helpful, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a group so giving of their time/expertise.

can anybody tell me, how big the pieces for the OSR2+ /SR6 are? How big needs the build room of the 3d printer to be to be able to print all parts?

For the OSR2, the longest part would be the support arm, which is about 16.25cm. The largest part would be the receiver (the part that holds the Fleshlight case), which is 12.6cm x 11cm x 7.3cm, the last value being the height.

The SR6 alpha has larger components. The arms are a bit more than 19cm, for example. The beta STL’s aren’t out yet (should be fairly soon), so I can’t say what its dimensions are.

So it’s not really doable with a very compact printer, but most normal printers should be fine.

I printed an OSR2 completely finished. Servos, board and screws, power supply are also included. I don’t have time to finish it at the moment. Therefore I would sell it, if you are interested, I would like to PN. Shipping would be from germany. So maybe expensive for non europe members.

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