How to connect Lovense Gush for scirpts and videos in pc and from phone

So this is arriving tmm and I’m somewhat confused from the tutorials here on how to connect this for scripts. Can someone point me in the right direction or know how to set this device up for scripts. I was planning on using to connect it to the PC.

also want to set this up so that I can play scripts/ videos form my phone too

I don’t have that exact device but most devices should just automatically connect to intiface/ once you make them enter wireless/bluetooth mode.
edit: basically how it works for me is I use scriptplayer. I have it set up so when it opens, it opens up intiface/buttplug and then it searches for devices. It auto connects and then youre off to the races.

I use an edge2 and The Handy.

Lovense USB dongle in Win8 PC. Lovense PC app / Intiface then Scriptplayer. Use that to play via PC monitor. Use alt local video player / handyfeeling playground to run the Handy script. Use funscript butt convertor to convert a handy script to something a little better buzzy wise. I use the edge2 on a low setting. I can do VR vids via phone / Gear VR but play the scripts via PC. Just have to manually sync which is no biggie, either get it right from the get go or if out of sync, play the pause / unpause game on whatever I am using until the timing is all alligned.

Would this work for non vr videos on the phone?

I am interested also to see if there is an answer to your question Midevil.

I use Home theater VR and play non VR vids thru it. Like I mentioned though, the syncing is thru the PC, not the phone. I know you can get intiface central for Android phones and there is a Lovense phone app. However never tested to see if they all work together & wouldn’t know what vid app to play the non VR vid synced to a script thru, on a phone. Hopefully someone else does have a more positive ’ yes I can get it to work this way! 'answer.

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