How to connect OSR2, funscript, and Pico4?

I have used MultiFunPlayer to load mpv, funscript, and have osr2 connected. I click the play button to make the video and script play together, and OSR2 works.
But the question is, how do I connect them with my PICO4 to combine my video, funscript and osr2 to operate at the same time?
I also ask my friends to help me, thank you!

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I am in, have the same problem, if u have any information, send me please

here you go New: OSR2/SR6/T-Code support

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THX! Very good!

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Thanks for your help.
I already know that SLR can help me with vr streaming, but if I use that like heresphere, deovr, how to set it up?

You can just follow husky’s quest2 guide after installing Heresphere on your pico:


It’s super easy. Just follow the blog post

Thanks for your reply. I will try it later.

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Streaming Assistant
everything works for me on the global firmware via the assistant

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