How to create .txt "beat files"?

I would like to start scripting som PMV/HMV’s and I would like to start out just getting the beats right. What I would like to get out of it is just a list of beat times, like the .txt ones you can get on the Fred Tungsten Gitbhub (Scripts/PMV at master · FredTungsten/Scripts · GitHub)

Is there an easy to use tool for that?

If you create a script with JFS or similar software and open the .funscript file with notebook or MS word it should open a readable version which basically marks timestamp and position for each command.

i wondered the same thing but…shit, that seems to be too much work and i don’t really work too often with windows

You can load the script in HandyControl and use the Excel export function. It separates timestamp and position in two columns.

Ok, so I could technically just make a script, where I hit all the beats with, lets say position 100, and then seperate them in Excel? That sounds pretty straight forward :slight_smile:

Not sure if I understand what you are trying to do.

You can use Excel to create patterns if you know how to create the math in Excel. It is not intended to create a sync script as you dont see the video in excel :laughing:. You might want to check out a real scripting tool like OFS or JFS instead.

Most of my scripts are created with a private Excel tool with variables, sliders and some logic.
I can just copy and paste data to HandyControl to test it.

So I’ve done this a few times with funscripts and it really is simple once you’ve done it a couple of times.

  1. Change or save file.funscript to file.csv
  2. Open it with excel
  3. Select cell A1 and press Crtl-A to select all the values in cells and the Crtl-C to copy the values
  4. Scroll back to A2 and right click and select transpose in the paste menu. All values should be in the A column.
  5. Row 1 can now be deleted.
  6. Delete any values you don’t need or want. I usually delete everything before the actual actions.
  7. Change the format of Column A to Text. This will keep the numbers as they are.
  8. Add a filter to row 1 and deselect anything with a {“pos”:##. This should leave you with nothing but timestamps. ex. at:75965}
  9. Click the find and select menu and select replace
  10. In the find field, type “at:” without the quotes. Leave the replace field blank. Click replace all. This will erase all instances of “at:”
  11. Once complete, in the Find field, type } and leave the replace field blank. This erases all the }.
  12. All you should have left is a bunch of 4-7 digit numbers depending on the length of the file.

***If your beat or txt file requires the time stamps to be ##.### then do the following, if not, skip to step 15.
13. Now in cell B1 type =A1*0.001. This will translate your number into a number with 3 decimal places. For ex 74567 will become 74.567. If need be, change the column format options to number with 3 decimal spaces. This will keep the zeros at the end.
14. Hover your mouse in the bottom right corner of B1 until the crosshair shows up and then double click. The formula will continue all the way to the end.
15. Now copy column B and paste the values only in column C. A and B can now be deleted.
16. You can skip step 15 and just paste the values in a text file and save it as file.beat.

Seems kind of long but it actually isn’t once you do it a couple of times. Hope this helps.

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