How to download scripts from github

I searched “Arcade” to try to find the CH arcade script. Someone posted one but it’s on Github but couldn’t figure out to download.

click the raw button and right click save as

I don’t see a raw button. Where is it meant to be located?



click that “raw” button

Here is the direct link

I’ve got a tutorial for different ways to get scripts on the landing page of my scripts repo:

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Ok I was able to download the code to a text doc, now I’m researching how to convert this to .funscript

you just change the file extension to ‘.funscript’ - a funscript is a text file :slight_smile:

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I’m curious on this too. Not sure if its as easy as simply “save as”. Seems like the .txt files that are in question only contain numeric values in the format of:

Whereas a typical funscript file has a format of:

Moreover, the .txt files we’re trying to utilize have new line returns next to each value, whereas funscript files have no new line returns and are bracketed and comma delimited.

Any help would be appreciated. Found some great vids and scripts that I was looking to upscale, but no idea on how to convert the script. Example located here.

Cock Hero - Lust Dream.txt (65.1 KB)

In the repository you will usually find two entries per title, the funscript and the txt (beat track) file. You need to go back to the repository and grab the funscript entry. ScriptPlayer can play the txt files. Using the beat conversion you can play it various ways. Up/Down (half speed) basically each beat alternates up stroke, down stroke. Then you have all the various full speed options where each beat will be a full up/down or down/up stroke depending on the setting. Once you find a setting you like you can always convert and save it as a funscript file

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You are 100% correct. Thank you so much for the guidance.

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