How to download videos using a browser from any site

I decided to write a small guide on how to download videos from any sites (or from most of them) without using third-party programs.

  1. Go to the page of the desired video, but do not start it

  2. Click ctrl+shiht+i you will open the developer tools
    and select the network tab there

  3. start the video, you will see a list of files, we are looking for video format files among them

  4. Right click on it and select “Open in new tab”

  5. Click here in the tab that opens and click download


In Dev Tools once you open the Network tab you can often cut through the clutter by clicking on the Media sub tab to filter your results.

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It seems like instead of loading one file, it’s loading a lot of files on both Firefox and Chrome, and each media file is a couple second gif of what was loaded. Like the most convoluted way to prevent people from just taking the entire file.

I have found this method works for perhaps half of the sites I try it on. More and more sites are implementing methods to prevent this kind of access. When that happens I fire up jdownloader and hope that works.

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Ye, I was trying it for Pornhub of course, but they seem to have countered this at some point. I’ll just use other methods like I have always done. Nice to know I could try this method though, if I can’t download something it’s a possibility.

it doesn’t work with pornhub, but there are many downloaders for it. I wrote this guide more for unpopular sites for which there are no other ways

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I just use youtube-dl

I generally check with video download helper first, it can pull 90% of what I’m trying to get. It requires a companion app to properly download from places like pornhub, but it’s very reliable in my experience.

Video DownloadHelper – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

Please see this:

And then see this:

This is a great thread but doesn’t always work. Many sites use blobbed streaming to prevent this form of scraping.
It i still worth going over. I can reference this thread for manually doing this.

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of course you can use this

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