How to easily match the script name to the scene file name?

Hello everyone, I am new and I am downloading a bunch of scripts from this spreadsheet Free VR scripts list - Google Sheets
Each of the scripts I download has a different file name than the original scene file name.
I was wondering if there is an easy way to match the script and scene name, or do I have to do each one manually?

As far as I know you have to do it manually. The tricky part is that even if the one creating the script use the original filename of the downloaded video the name may differ depending on which site you downloaded the video from and also the resolution you chose. If the video exist on POVR, SLR, VRPorn etc. as well as the original studio site you can easily have 20-30 different names for the same video.

Yea i figured. Just downloaded 118 scripts from that spreadsheet. About to start matching them manually. Im just gonna lookup the scene in xbvr, and it shows me the file name there so i can copy paste the name. Still gonna take a while.

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