How to format script request

Hey guys, like the title says, simple(ish) question, how do i properly request a script, what information is required and how should I place it in a post?

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You get a template when you press new topic in the Script Requests section of the forum. Try to add as much relevant information as possible, especially screenshots. Remember that you want to make it easy for a potential scripter to decide on selecting your request. If the scripter is forced to do research like going to another site or download a large file from Mega or similar just to see what you want scripted your chances decreases.


and i would always make the title of the thread as “studio, main performer, title of the scene” (sometimes the performer and the studio is the same)
So the name of the thread would be something like this Brazzers, phoenix marie, scene title.

this would make it easier for a scripter to browse through the requests.


Thank you both for your assistance, I appreciate it!

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Write tags, also a few screenshots and a download link will greatly increase the chances of finding a scripter with similar interests

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