How to get those fancy heatmaps?

I’ve been flip-flopping between the heatmaps generated by ScriptPlayer, and the ones from, but I haven’t found either too appealing. I see a lot of other scriptmakers with more elaborate heatmaps, which include the duration, speed, and actions. How do I go about making heatmaps like those? Is there somewhere I can go to generate them, or is that something they all separately designed for their own use?


I feel silly for not recognizing the similarities sooner, but I’m only able to copy the bar itself, not the stuff below that. Do people crop the screenshots for those?

It’s just a screenshot really… I personally manually input the image and numbers to my post for them to look nicer.

I see, then I was severely overthinking this. Thanks!

Handy tip (not just for heatmaps, but also for life), you can use the shortcut Windows + Shift + S to take a screenshot of an area of your screen - it’ll be saved to your clipboard so you can just paste it wherever you like. From memory Cmd + Shift + 4 on MacOS does something similar (but that’s like a 10-year old memory)

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