How to invert a script using

I found some inverted scripts on this site and just want to share how to invert them back to normal mode using

Choose Modify script, then Custom and upload a script to modify. Paste this code into the Run Custom Function box:

actions => {
    //inverts all actions
    return => ({...action, pos: 100 - action.pos}));

Click Apply Custom Function and save the script.



Ooh glad to see the custom function is getting some use!

You could also do this with the remapper by setting min to 100 and max to 0 :smiley:


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Thanks, didn’t realize this was possible. That is an easier solution.

Thanks, I’ve been looking for this simple method to go the other way and invert a regular funscript for vibrator use.

Very cool - I had this jank idea for a mount with using The Handy backwards (to get a better grip on the device by grabbing the opposite side) so maybe this will be helpful.