How to judge a quality script?

So I’ve made a couple of scripts and I’ve tried out and compared quite a few from here. I’m looking at putting them here after a couple more days but I’m now starting to question myself.

How do you peeps judge scripts, how would I have an idea that mine are up to scratch?

Cheers all

Reach out to any of the experienced scripters and ask. A lot of them are super cool people and would be happy to check it out and give you advice.

  1. does the video match the simulator.

  2. are the stroke lengths/speeds appropriate. generally, you should exaggerate movements and go for the largest stroke length that makes sense. folks can make scripts less intense in software, but the reverse is not true.

  3. is there anything jarring/immersion braking. basically, be creative in trying to hide repositioning strokes if you can. but if that’s not possible, skip a stroke if you have to.

another thing:

if you use it, dont lean on the AI scripter too hard. It’s great for finding local max and min points more quickly, but the stroke lengths are almost always too short, and you can expect many points to be off a few frames.


I can def confirm #3. it maybe takes 1/3 of the job but it will require a lot of tweaking and repositioning later on. In some cases it is better to just go frame by frame instead because AI will sometimes pull a prank on you and just give you a 2 minute long stoke (taking from experience)

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just feel free to post your scripts. you can write that these are your first works and ask the community to point out possible shortcomings

I agree with @comrade420’s list above. A few more comments though.

Inexperienced scripters should always live test their scripts before releasing them here. There are way too many who release untested scripts while lacking the experience of scripting. So why do you need to live test?

Live testing is mainly to make sure that the following is handled:

  • you get the stroke lengths right, i.e. that they feel right
  • you haven’t missed individual strokes or left parts unscripted (can be done with the simulator but it’s often easier to feel missing parts)
  • you haven’t scripted things in a way that breaks the immersion
  • you got blowjobs and handjobs right since those usually requires a lot of creativity because what you see can’t really be reproduced accurately with a stroking device e.g., hands moving in opposite directions compared to the head/mouth or two girls sharing one dick.

Doing a live test also shows how the script behaves on an actual device. Inexperienced scripters need to learn how scripting works in reality. The more experience you get the less important live testing becomes. There are two common issues.

  • The script movements are way too fast causing the firmware to reduce them in an unpredictable way.
  • Points are set too close to each other in the script. Devices have limitations on how often they can process commands and direction changes. Communication technologies can also set limitations e.g. bluetooth. Too many points in too little time usually causes strokes to be skipped or the device feels that it’s stuttering.

Ordinary synchronization issues should be handled using the simulator in OFS or JFS. Do not rely on live testing to ensure that a script is in sync.


All of this is great! Ill be publishing my first one in the next couple of days :grinning: :grinning:

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i did a frame by frame of non scripted general butch anim… 100% following the motion… then the test came and a keon would not be able to follow the long strokes… people say its easy… maybe… but its still a science i need to get it right… point are probably too close… i got fancy in between stroke to simulate the shockwave of pounding… lol

Is there a way to test the script? I have 3 toys, the launch (which I’ve been primarily designing it around) the onyx and the titan. As great as the keon and handy sound I can’t get them right now

The most important tool you have is the simulator in OFS or JFS. That helps you see the ideal case. However, the simulator don’t take limitations of devices into account, e.g. max speed or command frequency limitations.

If your script works well on a Launch then you won’t have problem with toys with better performance e.g., Keon and TheHandy. The only thing that might be an issue, not a major one though, is if you exaggerate strokes a bit too much because of the shorter max stroke length for the Launch device compared to better devices. In that case it could be experienced that the strokes become too long on the better devices. However, we are only talking about 10-15% longer stroke lengths for Keon and TheHandy compared to Launch so in most cases this shouldn’t be an issue. This should probably only be an issue in e.g. blowjobs that mostly focuses on the head of the dick.

The other thing to consider is personal preference, scripts are just like food, music. movies, etc. Everyone has there own opinion on what is good and what is not. When I first started scripting I tried to make scripts that would appeal to the masses. I now stick to making scripts that I enjoy, and if others enjoy them great :+1:
There are many factors you can’t account for, different sleeves, different mounts, and member sizes. I’m coming in at six inches, and @Husky is coming in at eleven inches. So what I enjoy in stroke length is going to differ from what husky enjoys.


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Maybe if I use one of those fake measuring tapes :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Getting back to the topic:

Avoid sudden fast movements, check simulator regulary and work a lot on transitions and you will be golden.

Increasing difficulty of the scripted scene will also make you better, start easy with some rhytmic riding, then do some blowjobs, then blowjobs+handjobs, then multi-girl blowjobs. If you have problems with some movements try to find similar part of the scene in existing scripts and see how it was solved. It’s worth learning on paid scripts or scripts with a lot of likes/ good comments, but there are also some hidden gems here, so best to try yourself and see if you like it.


first of all the keon is not a lot better then the launch if that thing is still working i would not buy a keon. (handy is a different story that one is better).
easiest way is to use the simulator. but live testing can be effective especially if you want to try out something new and dont know if it works.
also a simple rule dont make a single stroke longer then 2000ms a lot of the toys would simply stop halfway or may even disconnect (my old onyx used to do that).

Interesting. I do lots of those in transitions to reposition the sleeve and I can’t recall that I ever seen a comment on stops or disconnects in my release threads. I wonder how widespread that issue is when using my scripts? Maybe it’s only an issue with older devices?

might have been that my onyx+ disconnected with one of your scripts :wink: but i cant remember i havent used that thing since i bought a handy about a year ago.

But every toy does not only have a max speed but also a min speed. it cant move slower than that which means if you got a long stroke it will finish it sooner then intended. (it doesnt stop working unless of course it disconnects) ( i really hope that it was just my onyx that did that, or if not they fixed it with an update)

I have a script I’d like to share but don’t want to ‘formally’ issue it as a release as I have no idea of it’s quality. Maybe a shy scripters thread could be a good idea where we can submit for appraisal?

@ mcchodderz I have tested scripts for others users before. If you want you can pm it to me and I will give you feedback on it.

Woooord send it to buck, he’ll test it and tell you what’s up. Send it to me, I’ll test it and make some adjustments if you like.

its a script for First Cum, First Served with Ariana Marie - VR Porn Video | BaDoinkVR - still interested?