How to make my Keon move smoothly with funscript?

I’m a new user for Keon and ScriptPlayer. I use ScriptPlayer to connect Keon and play scripts. I have a problem. Between two motion points (for example,one is value_90 and another is value_10 and the time interval is 2 sec , like the pic below),
the Keon is supposed to move slowly and smoothly during 2 sec. It should reach the value10_position at the end of 2 sec. But my device moves to the value10_position directly after passing the value90 point, and then stops during the 2 sec. (It just move to the next position immediately after passing the current position point, and then wait for passing next position point.) This is a bad experience. So is there something wrong with my ScriptPlayer settings or with the script itself?

There is a minimum speed at which devices can move, generally if a script asks the device to perform a move that would mean going slower than the minimum, the device will perform the move at the minimum speed (doing it faster than the script) then stop and wait for the rest of the time.

I only have experience of the launch and the keon, I found the keon to have a higher minimum speed of the two, making it worse than the launch for very slow scripts. Two seconds for an 80% move is much slower than either device could handle, though I dont remember the details right now.

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