How to make script less 'violent'

I been trying out making my own script. I found my script to be really ‘violent’. They feel more like slam instead of strokes. I found it to be too fast even though I’m only matching tempo of the video. And comparing to script other people made, their strokes seems much better even though the speed and tempo is about the same as mine.

Any tips?

Using theHandy.

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Can you send a screenshot of your script pattern?

It’s probably an objective view you have. When you compare your work to others, you may feel that your work is inferior even though it isn’t.

But maybe it’s good that the strokes feel ‘violent’. It depends on the scene / video. If there is some heavier pounding, it’s probably good.

Can you maybe share the script and video?

Without seeing the script in question I can’t really help, but I can suggest trying to run it through and remapping or limiting the script based on device speed or heights and see what that does for you

Add more points to your graph, particularly around the extremes - try to make quick curves instead of spikes. Turn each endpoint into 3 or 5 closely grouped keyframes, to slow the momentum before reversing direction.

I don’t make scripts but work with velocity curves in graphics and suspect this is what’s happening with smooth vs abrupt scripts.

Send us the scripts and I’ll (we’ll) tell you what we think about them.

Generally I check and if the speed is like… over 200, it’s potentially gonna be pretty rough. I have no idea how people are surviving the Cock Hero, PMV, and HMV videos with like 400-600 speed, or any of the penetration vids. BJ vids are usually better.

One thing you can do though is in ScriptPlayer, you can decrease the Stroke Range. I add hotkeys to it.

I figure that a 300 speed at 60% gives you like a 180 speed equivalent, though not exactly in practice. It eliminates some actions and softens vibrations in strokes as well.

One thing I do is I actually just label all the files I download and add their Speed in the filenames, so I know what to expect.

Another thing is just that some scripts have too many actions per second, and some scripts don’t have natural start/stops. Sometimes you have extra actions like at the bottom here:

To actually reduce stroke lengths, I programmed a tool to reduce the stroke lengths by a %. Maybe someday I’ll release it…
edit decided to release it lol

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