How to make script with Motion Tracking Funscript Generator

I thought that too, and I did set that to accurate… had no effect

Where can I learn to do this aside from doing it manually.

MyTools has this feature

I think it’s the add actions option or something like that.

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where can i find the “simplify” function in OFS ?

Is there a way to make the graph segment taller as default?
Now it’s required to manually resize this window every time.

We using lot of screen place for a single slider right now…

smaller box will be faster than bigger box,but bigger box is more useful。I think the most important things is which part to track。

If the feature is very clear and doesn’t change too much, small box is generally better. For example, if there is a ring worn on the actor’s index finger, track that ring. If the actor had trimmed pubic hair, track the hair. Tanned? Track the bikini tan lines.

If there isn’t a clear feature, you’ll have to use a bigger box. For example you may want to include the whole ass for a doggy scene.


useful,i will try it,thx

can i use AI like goturn with it?

can i use AI like goturn with it?

yes should be possible with a small code adjustment. By adding the following to the setup_tracker function:

elif self.params.tracking_algorithm.upper() == 'GOTURN':"Start GOTURN Tracker")
    self.tracker = cv2.TrackerGOTURN_create()

You may have to store the network weights in your PATH. Finally you can enable the model in the settings.yaml

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when tracking y axis and roll, the y axis gets added but the roll axis does not even though both are processed. how would i go about getting the roll inserted?

Check Enable multiaxis here, and map o x to your .roll script.

Select x + y as the tracking Metric

You can use roll but I tend to choose x because I found it producing more significant results.


ahh. silly me. in the selection area, i had the wrong axis set for roll. i actually had (Y) set for both y and roll lol
thank you though for the help.

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Something I skipped in the tutorial that may be useful:

Direction Changed - If the results are of varying amplitude, and “local min max” filtered out the snaller waves, “direction changed” can be more helpful in that case.

Filter Length - If there is a fixed rhythm to the actions (usually happens with animated works), leaving this number higher can help equalizing the intervals. If you don’t want the actions to be equalized, turn it down to 0.

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what about just track x than map the action to roll? how to deal pitch, I am confused

It can work. As long as the result is fine after some adjustments.

Manual scripting.

If pitch actions are untraceable, I think anyone who creates multi-axis scripts is a hero

What do you want to say?

Ive been making scripts for a week or two, cant test them yet, looking at getting an osr at some point, just been scripting my collection for fun in my free time, Im at around 10 scripts of varying lengths, animated and IRL, Ive been using this tool and the make curve tool. they work great together for pov videos.

but lemme tell you something. I moved from Pov where Y movement is a big thing to a standard shot with left to right movement. and it wont lock on and track for a gosh darn second :joy:.

could be user error but I was wondering if any else ran into this issue.

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