How to make this work: Handy + Oculus + Funscript + Video on samba + Mac/Linux +?

I’d like to try the handy with a funscript that syncs with a video, while wearing an oculus. Usually I watch videos in skybox app over my network with a samba share, and that works well. I read about HandyControl+DeoVR but it doesn’t support samba, and I’m not clear if DNLA works with it anymore, I don’t have a dedicated windows machine but I could run it in a VM if that will make my like easier.

I saw that this would probably work with a SLR subscription but I doubt I’ll ever go down that path.

If I forgo the oculus I can probably do this on

Thanks for any help!

Heresphere (paid app) has SMB support. Otherwise it’s DLNA thru DeoVR (with SLR sub) or Pigasus (paid app)

Thanks! I wish I had learned about Pigasus earlier, I had just paid for heresphere on, oh well.

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