How to make your own Passthrough videos!

Sounds like a plan! I’d definitely be keen to test it out! :slight_smile: In the mean time i want to try working on 4D Gaussian

My ultimate goal is to really get to the next step of AR Porn, so to start I’d be using something like VAM to generate the input data to make into 4D Gaussians!

And then making something akin to heresphere in Unreal to display the 4D Gaussians; and if it goes well I might try hiring some professionals to produce some videos with the camera set-up for it as a proof-of-concept

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Updated Github repo with a new change!

Was experiencing some choppiness trying to playback an 8K passthrough that i had proccessed, and it turns out that the videowriter was writing to H264 instead of HEVC (H265) and since most VR videos are gonna be more than 2K anyway (maximum resolution of H264 at 60 fps) I decided to permanently set the codec to H265

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I only have an AMD7900XTX graphics card, can’t I use it?

hmm unfortunately not!

Most AI/Neural Network/ML solutions rely on CUDA (which relies on having an Nvidia CUDA-capable GPU) this one included :frowning:

thanks T.T

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