How to play funscript in vlc player?

I have connected vlc to scriptplayer, but it seems like it can’t detect the funscript

Are they in the same folder with exact same name?

I also seen that for my config, I need to remove embedded title in the movie, as it will override file name.

yes they’re in the same folder with same name.

I can only watch the video on the VLC player and nothing shows on scriptplayer
I don’t think the script loading good as well because nothing shows on the bar

VLC streaming is fine, also detected launch

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What happens if you in Scriptplayer (while VLC is open) use File → Open script?

Although it said “loaded”, but I cannot stop the video in the scriptplayer by pressing the stop button as well

Are you running release, or beta version of ScriptPlayer? I really recommend running latest beta if you are not doing this already.

updated to the newest version

also fleshlight launch’s start button turns red after playing video in VLC after a while

work fine while playing script player in Local

I take it that is runs the funscript now then.

Please look up the Launch manual for that error lamp.

Note that they don’t update the release section for Beta versions. Hence the screenshot doesn’t really help.

The manual say the battery is low, I’ll charge it for a longer time to see if that helps

I don’t think VLC is loading correctly, can you tell me your settings on VLC?

I just followed the instruction on the page:

Make certain you don’t have any firewall rules blocking the port configured.
The port cannot be in use by other application or services.

any “loaded files” by clicking this button after you load the video?

Yes, I get the running script.

For reference, I have installed: ScriptPlayer-Debug-

MPC works fine for me, I don’t know if it’s a problem with VLC or win11

sadly, VLC is a good player next to potplayer

It seems I can only use MPC now

Did you check your firewall? Might be blocking it.

no it doesn’t work

Ok, sorry. Not sure what is wrong then. I don’t run Win11.

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I would really love to see someone develop a funscript plugin for VLC.
Anyone know how difficult that might be?

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