How to play video url with funscript without downloading them?

Hi, I am trying to play some spankbang videos (e.g. with their funscripts without downloading the videos. When I test this: Web Funscript Player - Enjoy Funscript Videos on iOS, Android, Web, it looks like I keep getting this error: “Video failed to load. Trying HLS…”

Does anyone know how I should fix this? Any suggestion would be much appreciated. Thanks!

you should use link to video not to page:
Firefox + Video DownloadHelper plugin
go to page
click on plugin → video (more) → copy url
i think that you can do this inside web browser without plugins, but i dont remember how

(change test to https)

i remember now:
lock (to the left of address bar → secure connection → more information → media → sort by type → video → you have url

RMB is blocked, but if not then you can RMB on video and copy video link (try on a video from my post)