How to replace single point with pattern?

Does anyone know if there is a way to change a script from:


To for example:


Using a ‘replace all’ type function?

I’ve done everything manually so far but it’s so time-consuming.

It would help a lot if there was a way to save a pattern (position and time for every point), then select all top points in a script and hit replace all.

The tool extension for OFS has a kind of pattern function but it only saves position for each point, not time. And you can’t replace 1 point with 5, only replace the same amount of points.

I thought maybe I had to use the add point function to add extra points to my script and then apply pattern to the new points.

But this takes a longer time than just making the pattern once per script and hitting Ctrl+V a hundred times.


I don’t think there is a straightforward solution atm… and I agree such a feature would be very useful.

One thing you can do though is to select all top points, shift it a few steps backward, then paste the pattern on all top points.


A while back I made a simple lua script for myself that makes the points go from this:

To this:

For the sole sake of making curves by adjusting those sliders:

If you do it twice, once to create the further points (lets say 68ms and lets say position delta = 10) it will look like this

and then without deselecting (it will crash if you use it on anything that is selected and isnt simple up down up down) choose a higher delta and lower ms (lets say delta = 20, ms = 47) it will create points that look the same as the screenshot you provided in your question:

Here is the lua if you want to try and use it:

(press download and rename it from untitled.txt to main.lua, then create a folder in the “extensions” folder in your OFS, create a folder for this script and put it in there)

I never thought of even sharing this script as it’s pretty rough and only works in special circumstances (up, down, up, down / down, up, down, up) but if you want to use it feel free to do it.
It will create those patterns both at the top and bottom points, if you want me to I can do an edit of this script some time soon to only do it at top / bottom points, but please let me know first if you’d want something like this first.


I haven’t tried it out yet but this could be exactly what I was looking for.

Wow, this is interesting. Sorry about the newbie question but how do I run a LUA? Is there a help file somewhere to explain?

If it’s anything like other OFS extensions, you just put the .lua file in your extensions folder and then ‘run’ it using the extensions drop down menu inside OFS itself.

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Thanks, I’ll try that.

I’ve tried it out and this is actually super useful and easy to use.

It works great for me because i try to manually time the bottom points, then add and maybe shift top points with another program, and finally I could use this to add some variety to strokes.

The only additional feature I can think of is if it had the option of only doing top or bottom points.


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