How to restore from a backup on OFS

How or can you restore a script from an auto backup in OFS? if you open the back up directory it has back up files named ofsp.backup can you restore from this file and if so how please

You can remove the “.backup” and the date-time in the file name. The important part is that the filename needs to end with “.ofsp”. It’s a feature that saved me a few times.

You might also need to copy the file back to its original folder since the video and funscript path are now relative to the location of the .ofsp file.

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Thanks, nearly lost hours of work lol, I tried renaming it to funscript then osfp, but didn’t realize I had to remove the date as well

I just did a few tests because I was surprised when you said that you already tried to remove “.backup”. Removing the date shouldn’t be absolutely needed.
It seems that moving the file back to your ‘working folder’ is the important part, especially if your %appfolder% is not on the same drive as your video file.

For example, if you try to open “**C:**Users\AccountName\AppData\Roaming\OFS\OFS3_data\backup\video_date.ofsp”, OFS will ask for the video file to open and if you choose a file on another drive (ex. “**D:**Videos\Myvideo.mp4”), it doesn’t work.

I dunno but I fixed it now and daren’t mess with it anymore lol thanks!

Thank you for the info! Has the potential to save so so so much time in the future

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