How to Reverse OSR2 Servos

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I recently built the free version of OSR2 that was released last year. One thing that has bugged me so far is the servos don’t go in the right directions. At least the ones I bought don’t. Yes, easy fix in ScriptPlayer or change the script to inverted or not but that didn’t sit well with me. So if you’re like me and want the servos moving the correct way:

Open the code in Arduino and scroll almost all the way down to the bottom to a section labeled as

// Mix and send servo channels

Here you will find whatever servo is reversed and swap the neg and pos values for that servo. In my case the original values for stroke was:

stroke = map(xLin,0,9999,-350,350)

And I swapped the “350’s +/-” value to:

stroke = map(xLin,0,9999,350,-350)

Now the stroke action goes in the correct movement without needing to change pins or by selecting a radial button. Hope this helps others.

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ive heard the name osr2 but what the hell is it? ive tried googling it with no luck

If you exchange the left and right servo cables going to the control board connectors the movement of up - down to the fun part will reverse. (The servo are not plugged in as the design intended.)

This is like a USB port, no matter how you first plug it in, it will be backwards!

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Hosenguy’s suggestion is the easiest.
Alternatively, instead of mucking about with all of that code, simply swap the pin assignments for the two main servos in the Arduino sketch, and flash your firmware.

I think it stands for Open Source Stroker Robot. It’s a project by a guy called TempestMax to design a sex toy that is built of 3d printed parts along with servos etc. There’s also the more advanced SR6 which has more fields of movement. These basically move Fleshlights (or other sex toys) around in a similar way to commercially available toys like the Handy, Keon etc, but they have more axes of movement.

There are sellers as well, check out Mosaic’s website for info. He’s really well regarded for build quality and aftercare etc.

Did not know that. Thanks. The code cracking thing was a win for me though since I’m not a programmer. :grin:

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