How to script for non vertical action

I’ve reached a point in a video I’m scripting where the performer slaps the cock on her face. It’s not an up/down motion so regular stroke scripting doesn’t feel appropriate, but it’s action I can’t ignore either.

Has anyone else faced this challenge?

Basically it’s just up and down strokes, usually with short intervals like in the second stroke of the picture. You’d have to change intervals or stroke length of course to get a feeling for it and if it somehow fits the action on the screen for you. There are limits within some intervals and stroke length though, so that’s why you need to test for yourself. Usually good pops are the ones getting red, or orange, but it depends.
Don’t make strokes too deep.


I’d say I’ll do them around 20% - 30% insertion max. but like I said, it all depends.
There are more possibilities of course, especially if you want to connect them and incorporate them into other movements like handjobs…

And save yourself some time and don’t script the male touching himself except for climax.
You should script his slaps though.

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