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How to script Jav

All is in the title. See movement when the video is censored is hard. Is there some master tips ?

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Gonna follow this, I found out about June Lovejoy and wanna try scripting some of her stuff. One good thing about the censoring is you get some leeway with accuracy.

Using OFS + Funscripteditor, I use funscripteditor like 80% to automate the scripting (both Women and Women+Men tracking method), I mark the tits/hips/girls pubic/mens pubic/birth mark. The OFS 20% for manual scripting using Recording/simulator to use mouse simulating movement.

Marking censored point fail me each time.

Keep trying and get more input! Love to see more contribution for JAV community.

i read somewhere that there is a javplayer that ai uncensores them, maybe it can do a good enough job to make scripting possible.