How to set funscript price?

  • What is the better way to sell scripts on the platform?
  • How much is the right price for a script?

There are various restrictions on Patreon, and many people cancel their membership immediately after purchasing it, which is so shocking.

For the patreon part, you could get creative with long-term incentives for people joining your patreon. For me it’s always been a bit out of budget thing though, like I don’t subscribe to things to begin with, and I have to think a year out to see if something is worth like $12-30/yr as a subscription, and I’m a bit impulsive but also kind of think ahead at the prospect of dealing with starting and cancelling subscriptions. Not a lot of people are scripting the sort of girls that I like, mostly just hentai and older girls I don’t find as attractive, or low quality videos.

It’s a lot of work though to whip up this sort of content, and having tried many premium scripts and videos, most of the best scripts end up being the free ones anyway.

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I don’t sell as I’ve only ever released a partial script and I don’t consider it that great. If you’re looking to sell scripts you first need to start with offering a few free scripts to establish a reputation and for feedback on your methods. Once you’ve gotten good enough it would be acceptable to start charging around 2.5-4.00 USD for less than an hour of content depending on the difficulty. When you reach more than an hour 4.5-6.00+ USD, again depending on the difficulty with the upper limit being the max what people are actually willing to spend. It’s rare to see a script selling for more than 5.50 USD from what I’ve seen on here through Gumroad.

I see that you have done several scripts so far but they’re all in 2D. I tend to stick with VR myself.

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I will continue to edit the funscript and treat it as a long-term thing.

Your opinion is very useful to me. Thank you.

Why is that so shocking? It’s no different to when people sign up for e.g. Netflix and binge a TV serie or two during a month and cancels the service before the credit card is charged for the next month. Or when you subscribe to a porn site, download what you like, cancel the sub and go to the next site and repeat the process. There are simply too many paid services today and you can’t subscribe to them all.


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