How to split a script?

Hey, I have a question.
I have a three part JAV video, but the script is made for the one part JAV video.

I already tried merging the video parts with different apps, but with no success, since the merged video always has some weird playback issues.

Anyway, I tried to import the script to OFS, but the problem is that the length of the script bar is only as long as the video. So I could only see the first 30 minutes of the script and that’s it.

How can I copy, move or cut script sequences so I can made them fit in an easy way?
I guess it would be no problem if OFS would just show the entire script, maybe even without a video, but it simply doesn’t.


IIRC you can copy parts of a script and paste it in another script with JoyFunScripter.

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I’m no expert on working with multiple scripts but I’ve got one idea.

Find a video that is longer than the three videos together. Rename the video or the script so that you can load the script for the random video you use. Then you can cut the script into three pieces and shift the parts. Remember that OFS can handle more than one loaded script, which is used for multiaxis scripts. After that load each script with each video part and do the final editing to sync the script with the video.

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