How to switch between scripts fast?

Is there any software that can load multiple funscripts in the same time and can switch between them by 1 click or 1 button?

Using ScriptPlayer you could make a playlist.

You can’t load multiple funscript in the same time. You always have to wait a few ms if you switch between scripts, even with the playlist function.

Maybe there would be some api trick?
I mean:
1 load multiple scripts to the computers memory.

2 load/send a single command from the active script to the toy.

So technically not the whole script would be loaded to the toy just send a single command/position to handy every second.
Handyfeeling’s remote connection app does the same i guess just without actual scripts.

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You could merge all scripts you need into a single script and seek around with time offsets. The specific implementation would be highly use-case dependent of course.

What exactly are you trying to do?
“swichting fast” itself can’t be the end goal

the scripts would have different speed + stroke patterns.
Just want to switch them by desire of the moment.

Was thinking this just earlier today. It would be great if uploaded scripts could remain in a ‘cache’ of some sort during a single session, so going back to a video you’ve loaded the script for previously would have it on hand to load immediately.

No idea if anything like that is possible.

that would be a really cool feature, i could imagine playing a cockhero script in full up down strokes then pressing a button and playing the 1/2 speed script. would be amazing for edging

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