How to tell the difference META converted to Funscript

Hi all,
Is it possible to determine the difference between a META script that was converted to a FUNSCRIPT and a legit FUNSCRIPT? I have some wankzvr scripts that seemed to be ripped from their shitty platform but were META’s converted to FUNSCRIPT - we all know these aren’t the best scripts.
I’m seeing some scripts on realsync that i’d like to purchase but wouldn’t purchase if i already own the legit copy. Normally purchased scripts show up as “ALREADY OWNED” but these ones in particular aren’t showing as which makes me think they’re just shitty rips and not the legit realcucumber ones.

Not sure if I explained this properly…

You already said it; “these aren’t the best scripts”. Load the script you have in JFS or OFS and see if the script is well synced with the action (use the simulator). If it is then it’s not a converted meta. SyncArmy and RealSync scripts should be perfectly synced with the video. Converted metas are often out of sync and usually badly scripted regarding depth. BJ/HJ sections are not really scripted at all except a little up and down without any detail at all.

There are also some tags that JFS (and OFS) adds to the scripts that shouldn’t be present in converted metas. Look at the beginning and the end of a funscript file and compare with a converted meta you will most likely see what I’m talking about. The tags can be simulator positions, bookmarks, metadata about who created the script or the video the script is for and so on.

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Probably similar timestamps - even if the same video is scripted by a lot of people, hitting the same exact timestamps (ms) is very unlikely.

alright awesome thanks. Oh yeah - there’s a huge difference and am always willing to pay for the best script. I was just wondering if there was anywhere in the file itself that I can pin point on if it was a paid script or not. I’ll take a look at the JFS