How to use FunscriptToolBox MotionVectors Plugin in OpenFunscripter

I might be wrong but, from the work-in-progress they have shown over time, I would guess that SLR is using AI to track features optimized for porn (dick, mouth, hand, eyes, hips, shoulders, etc), followed by algorithmic rules (i.e. not AI) to generate the actual scripts.
But they might have pivoted to something else, I don’t know.

For me, the holy grail would be to have AI model that uses left and right VR images to create a 3D pose. Unfortunately, this is not useful outside of porn so there might not be a lot of money poor into that field. I wonder if it would be possible to train a model like that using data generated by Virt-A-Mate.


followed install to the letter but am receiving this error when running the bat. Never installed before.
‘FunscriptToolbox.exe’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

It seems to be only effective for cowgirl scenes. It doesn’t work well for blowjob and footjob. Maybe I have set it up wrong somewhere?

If the error occurs when running “–FSTB-Installation.bat”, you need to make sure to run the batch file on a drive (ex. C:), it won’t work from a network path (ex. \my-other-PC\share.…).

If the error occurs when running “–FSTB-PrepareVideoForOFS.1.0.bat”, make sure that the path found in the batch file is correct:


It’s not meant to be able to help with every type of action. Right now, it does an OK job of hardcore actions (and it is still not perfect even for those).

Thank you for your answer