How to use Handy with Scripts and Oculus Quest

It seems DEO VR has limited their script use to some premium model. Im thinking about getting a Oculus Quest, is there a way to use local videos with scripts and the handy?

You can! I use the Quest 2 and the SLR app, which has a “Local Files” option.

You’ll have to do the following:

  • Download the SLR app to your Quest (VR Porn SLR App | Download for Free in one click)

  • Connect your Quest to your computer and access the device’s files in Explorer (Note: When connecting your Quest to the PC while the Quest is on, you’ll receive a pop up on the Quest 2 asking if you’d like to sync - to which you just select yes)

  • Add the video files you’d like to play on the Quest to a folder on the device - I typically use “Movies”. You must also ensure that the script has the same name as the video (minus the file extension of course), and is located in the same location as the video

  • Open the SLR app on the Quest, connect your Handy in the settings menu, and select the “Local Files” option from the menu at the bottom

  • Select the video you’d like to play, ensure that the settings for the video (180 side by side, 180 top bottom for example) are correct and that the Handy icon on the playback menu is on and there you go!


Just purchase a single script at Interactive VR Porn with Sex Toys - The Handy, Kiiroo Fleshlight Launch VR, Kiiroo Keon and others and you can use the app however you want it indefinitely


Very much recommend SLR overall - huge catalogue of videos and an ever-growing script library, all of which are very high quality.
One of the very few subscriptions I’ve maintained since starting :+1:


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