How to watch vids from "Free Scripts" linked to paid websites?

Hey guys,

I see there are tagged “Free Scripts” that are linked to paid websites however you need to be a member to see the vid… so technically its not free? Sure the script is free but not the vid itself. Is there a way to bypass this? Does this forum provide an exclusive way of viewing it like through Mega Vid or something?

I’ve been google searching each title so far, but would love to know if this form provides a way to view it.

Thank you!

Just Dance A Pirate You Shall Be with Lyrics - YouTube

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This forum is about scripts and the script is free of charge and does not require any purchase. This is not a video sharing site.

If you want videos from the big studios it’s up to you to subscribe to be able to download their videos.

Scripts for CH, PMV and other pornhub-like clips usually have links to a fap-site where you can download the video for free with a video downloader or by registering on the side for a free download.

So if you don’t want to pay for a subscription anywhere, avoid posts with the paid-media tag (pre-Dec 2022) and the no free links tag (Dec 2022 and forward).


Thank you so much for your reply!

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