Hump feed website


Does Hump feed work on your side, with the Handy?
Impossible to use on my side


No it’s never worked for me. I think I’ve only tried in Firefox, though.

Did you put your Handy connection key into the url above where it says to do so?

Yes, I did. Still never seemed to connect

is there a website like this for the keon doesn someone know ? this actually looks very fucking interesting :slight_smile:

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hmm. I can get it to connect (Use the Networkanalys-tool from the Browser to get the json that is send by handyfeeling to HumpFeed. There you can see if it is Humpfeed is connected to Handyfeeling, the handy and if the Script is loaded).
But for some reason the Script is not send to the Handy. I think that there is something wrong with the format of Script that is loaded. It generates a csv with the format 0,88,102,88,219,5,… The Funscript format is {“pos”:0,“at”:100},{“pos”:88,“at”:200},{“pos”:102,“at”:300},… and so on. I think the handy just cant use/understand the Stuff Humpfeed sends it.

Edit: Jup. It exports csv to the Handy in the “old” format used by some old toys. It uses “funscripter Lite” to do that. I dont think there is an easy way to change the format for that on the fly.

To answer Hio, I have indeed filled in my Handy key but it is not functional.
Thank you sobolsdaemon1 for your explanations, I didn’t know that there were several formats! I think that your clarifications many of us to better understand this concern.
Let’s hope that another project of this type will see the day! :slight_smile: Because the concept was pretty good!

I sent an email to the Handy’s company, to get an answer about this. Maybe they can create a compatibility in the Handy software!

Here is the mail :


I contact you because you propose an interesting solution on the handy site, which refers to the following site

Unfortunately this site uses a format, it seems, formerly readable on the Handy and currently unusable.
Could you please see to create a compatibility between this old format and the handy ?

If you want to talk with users, a topic is open on a forum dedicated to the use of scripts:


Best regards

I received an answer :

Hi Funscriptor,

We just learned about this issue yesterday. Indeed, HumpFeed doesn’t work with Handy Firmware 3 for some reason; however, it works as expected with Handy Firmware 2. I’ll have the team look at it to see what’s going on.



this website would be awesome if i could get it to connect to thehandy

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They work on it !

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