I already own a Lovense Max. Is there any idea in investing in a Handy?

As the title says, if I already own a Lovense Max to use with scripts, is there a big difference in getting a Handy? I understand that the experiences are quite different. I think that I’m fairly good at giving myself a pro-level handjob, but realize that the stranger effect is a big plus.

Has anyone used both devices and is able to give a comparison?

Also, I’m leaning towards spending an extra €20 on the 1.1 over the 1.0 model. Is it worth the extra?


I work in Sweet tech, the company behind the Handy. If you buy a Handy from our website, I will give you 30 days to try it out. If you do not like it, return it for a full refund. In return, I ask for a small review where you compare Max 2 with the Handy.


Would your company do the same in a review against the OSR2? :wink:

I’m down to do a review! The Handy versus my hand :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Been through several devices. Handy has been the most resilient you can buy that is mass produced. Quick connections, solid bluetooth/wifi connect, great speed, and not extremely loud. Only caveat is get a different sleeve. I suggest a decent JPN made onahole wrapped in a sock so it doesn’t get caught in the mechanism or wear out too fast. Also some longer straps to fit said onahole, all available on Amazon. I got some nice velcro ones that came in a pack of like 5 that work fantastically. Also something to latch it onto a desk is nice for hands off usage. I personally use a vice grip used for models/electronics. Also sorry Handy guys, your sleeves are a bit lacking… but your device is amazing and that’s the part that matters.

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I owned the max 2 about 3 months before getting the handy. I got the handy about 1.5 months ago. I’m not sure about the 1.1 vs 1.0, Im pretty sure mine is the newer one though. I use both for soloplay only mainly through interactive Media and rarely ever use manual controls. I will try to compare both based on a few criterias.

Sensation: it’s slightly hard to compare them, neither is a direct replacement of the other. They offer very different sensations. Thehandy is an automatic stroker while the max 2 is a manual stroker+vibrator+automatic squeeze(they call it suction but It feels more like a squeeze tbh). This is probably the main reason to get both, they offer different experiences. One advantage of thehandy is that there are alot more options in sleeves, even from other brands while the max 2, your kind of stuck with either the clear or pink one and both inner textures are not even that different. Kind of frustrating to me that lovense isn’t releasing more options but that’s a rant for another time

Interactive Media(free options, never tried paid options): This is probably the main reason why I bought both for devices rather than another sex toy. Both have pretty good interactive Media to support them. For thehandy, I go through eroscripts to find scripts and videos or there’s also beta.faptap.net and bukkake.moe which have some controversy around them but from a user experience, it’s very smooth to use and swap between videos and scripts without having to download anything. Alot of the scripts are very high-quality and match the videos well instead of just random strokes at different speeds. For the max 2, vibemate is basically your only real option for interactive Media. I know that some funscripts can be adjusted to vibrations but it’s very lackluster compared to directly making a script for the max 2.
There are technically a ton more options here compared to on eroscripts but 9.5/10 are hot garbage and I honestly just make my own scripts there for personal use rather than having to sort through the dumpster of low quality scripts. Good news is that a decent script on the max 2 is much easier to make than on thehandy.

However, even the best quality max 2 scripts cant really compare to a thehandy script in terms of interactivity, this is by nature that one just sits on your cock and vibrate and squeezes while the other matches strokes to videos/sounds.

One big advantage the max 2 does have is that it can connect to camstreamers which is a very novel experience.

There’s also the VR aspect to the handy which sounds like it would bring the interactivity further up a notch
for thehandy but I don’t have a vr device to test that out yet

Learning curve: There’s a much bigger learning curve to thehandy than the max 2, I was banging my head against the wall for the first day or two trying to get the thing to work well for me. However, the complexity of the machine(in terms of both software and hardware) allows for much more different types of sensations whereas in comparison, the max 2 is a really simple machine with just 10 levels of vibration and squeeze and essentially tied down to the lovense-made apps.

Cleanup: The max 2 is a huge chore to cleanup, thehandy, your basically just wiping down the machine+cleaning out a tiny sleeve.

Price: thehandy was 4x more expensive for me than the max 2

Conclusion: personally, I would get both if your okay with the price. They really do offer different sensations and the fact that they both use different sources for interactive Media means that you actually have a ton more options if you have both devices. Everything i have written is based on my experience while is primarily with interactive media

Sure. Go ahead:-) Refer to this post if you do decide to return it.

Wow! What a great reply. Thanks a lot for taking the time to write :slight_smile:

Thanks for the offer, but I have a preferred site for adult toys. I’ll make sure to post a comparison if/when I make the purchase however :slight_smile:

That’s actually one of the things I’m concerned about. As I wrote, I give a pretty good handjob. Would be a shame to waste €170 on a toy that does a semi-decent job of something I can do myself for free.

I have several Fleshlight sleeves that I enjoy. Would you recommend these?

Naw, far too big and heavy.

That’s too bad. Do you have any good links to sleeves that has worked for you?

Brands are the best way to go, and ive found Magic Eye tends to be best. Few on amazon. Just dont get the XL ones. They work but can make the machine loud AF.

Thanks for the tip. I live in Sweden, so anything shipped from the US or Japan is really expensive. I’ll try my luck with the original sleeve first and see if I can get my hands on a good quality onahole. Many of them seemed a bit shallow (10cm). Any other brand names you enjoy?

As you own several fleshlight sleeves, have you considered the OSR2/SR6 as these devices are specifically designed around them?
If you have the time and interest, building your own OSR2 (or SR6 while you’re at it) is very worth-while. For 170 euro’s you own a decent 3d printer. The bill of materials for the OSR2+ including a roll of fillament and decent coreless servo’s is about 70-100 euro’s depending on where you live. In my opinion this proposition is unbeatable if you are at all interested in 3d printing.
For a bit more money you end up with a 3d printer, spare fillament and (from a kinematics point of view) a far more capable device.

The Max2 was my first toy. I bought it for the remote connectivity aspect. That didn’t quite work out, as she lost interest, so I instead used Max with scripts. It’s OK that way, but there are very few scripts that command the contractions. Typically, it’s just the vibration. After owning the Max for a year or so, I felt…restless and decided to buy The Handy.

The two are almost completely opposite in their philosophy. Max is an automatic vibrator that you manually stroke. The Handy is an automatic stroker that doesn’t vibrate.

I find it easy to get going with Max. Lube the sleeve, myself, and slide in. I can do that even if the video is running and Max is vibrating. The Handy takes me out of the moment, because I can’t put it on when the video/script are running. I have to stop the video and get the sleeve into the band, which sounds easy, but the silicone sleeve is grippy, and the stock band isn’t super long, so it can be a little fiddly to strap in. By the way, the sleeve IS grippy - I never had it come out of the band. I find The Handy to be quite strong. I’m learning to use lots more lube than I do with Max.

The Handy is quieter than the Max. My ear says about 5 dB. Neither one is objectionable in my opinion. Both clean up easily - they both use a removable sleeve.

Gripping Max is natural - I hold it like I’d hold my penis (if my penis was monstrous). Gripping The Handy is like holding the far end of Max, where the charging port is. I need to actively press The Handy against my abdomen, or it lifts itself off of my penis!

Using scripts for local control is about the same with both devices. I use Intiface desktop, MultiFunPlayer or Scriptplayer. There are many thousands of scripts that work with The Handy; most script authors are writing for a stroker of some kind, if not The Handy in particular. There is a good population of script authors for strokers; almost none for Max.

Going from Max to The Handy takes a bit of patience. With Max, I control pretty much everything about the experience, plus I get vibrations. With The Handy, the script controls everything. As you note, ‘the stranger effect’. Once I got used to it, I began to like the…surprises that I’m experiencing. One thing to note: I found it necessary to adjust the stroke parameters so that the bottom was a few mm higher up. Everyone’s different, which is why the top and bottom are adjustable. Nice touch.

The stock sleeve seems…short, like it’s intended to focus more on the tip. But that perception might be an artefact of being accustomed to Max. I bought the 2nd Gen sleeve, but haven’t tried it yet. I want to keep experimenting with the original for a while. Science!

I’m not a gamer, so no VR here. So far, I’m enjoying the 2D videos and scripts that this community has made for them. I’m finding that I prefer different videos with Max than I do The Handy. I didn’t expect that at all, but it’s a pleasant surprise to enrich my repertoire. I haven’t used The Handy’s video partners; many seem VR oriented.

I still use Max and That One Favourite Video™ when I’m in a rush, and I’m using The Handy when I can take some time to relax and enjoy things. They both have their place, and I’m glad that I bought Max, but I am very happy with The Handy, and I’m still finding ways to enjoy myself with it. As time goes on, I’m finding myself using The Handy more than Max.

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…there’s a whole thread on choosing a sleeve for one’s Handy here:

Loads of useful info, there are peeps that use various variants of Fleshlights, and so on…


Really great post. Thanks for taking the time of writing. What video is That One Favorite? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks! I hadn’t seen it. I’ll give it a read.