I am looking for an Sr6 or possibly an OSR2+ in Europe for sale

I am looking for an Sr6 or possibly an OSR2+ in Europe for sale

Hi, I can 3d print the parts for you. The assembly and getting the other parts is easy.

Thanks, can you write a price for it? Where can I get the other parts? Difficult to put together? I would be happy if I could buy together and not have to install it. I saw some very good sets on yourhobbiescustomized.com, but if I order for Hungary, I will have 30% extra costs due to taxes, so I am only interested in EU solutions

I got most parts from ebay and the others from amazon. Not really hard to find. Assembly wasn’t difficult too, the manual is good enough.
I can print you a standard OSR2 with twist, pitch and t-valve and second arms set (bearings) for 35 Euro. Shipping from germany to hungary is around 15 Euro (dhl with tracking).

If you want adapters or other stuff I have to calculate first. For example: adapter for Quickshot is around 3 Euro.

Thanks for the reply! Could you also print SR6?

Yes, I have the files too but never did before, but it don’t seems very difficult. Looks like more work for the printer, so the price is a little bit higher.

50 Euro costs for all released SR6 printable parts (alternative parts included).

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Thanks, I’m thinking a bit about starting the build or buying one ready made. If I decide to build, I will contact you and discuss the details!

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I have an OSR2+ (twist, heat, lube etc) arrived with failed servo. I replaced this but its still in partial assembly and as I also have a Handy and very happy with it, I haven’t bothered to complete the OSR. Can upload photos. Make me an offer? I am in the UK.

thank you, I have since bought one. if the heat is sold separately, I might be interested in that