I can't find the scripts of Lana roahdes

I love Lana But I can’t find her scripts.

Can I have the scripts of her Vr video???

probably if you write in the search “Lana Rhoades” and not as in the title, then everything will be found :grinning:

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Just enter the name in the search box in the upper right corner and you should get 50+ results. Add VR to the filters (click advanced filters to show filter options) to get rid of irrelevant hits. The following link represent that search:

Yeah I know But just 1 Vr script be found

Guess it’s time to start scripting yourself :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s best to try and search using the model’s name instead of the title of a specific video title, if you cannot find what you’re looking for most likely it has not been scripted yet. Hope that helps.