I got a question

Instead of script request or even as part of the script request, can i commission someone to script, like ask someone directly?

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yes, you generally can. They will usually have commissions open on their profile or see if they do commission on their Patreon or whatever they have.


I wish I could frequently ask for commissions but people ask for too much for each minute for a script.

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ehhh i kinda do get it. a good script takes awhile to get right and alot of time. RN im on day 3 of this 7 minute pmv so time is definitely something used up.


I’d recommend giving scripting a try yourself. I think you’ll quickly realize why people charge for their time. As a bonus, you might end up with something you like.


I’ve no computer for me to script myself. Otherwise, i would be a professional by now😅

I’ll look into this

hmm… ill look into it :+1: Thanks for the link

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Its not too hard to learn either. After about five scripts you should be somewhat decent. Scripting is time consuming as all hell but worth doing in the long run. A lot of the content I personally liked was and probably will never be scripted. It doesn’t hurt to shoot a scripter a personal DM to ask them if they can take commission.

iirc there is a Discord group that has crowd funding. People request a script, a scripter sets a price, and then people commit to however much they are willing to pay for the script. Script poolers is the name of the group, again iirc.

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It never hurts to just upload a request though, you never know how popular your request might be. Just be sure you show appreciation if it gets scripted. I would really only recommend requesting someone to do a commission if you have enjoyed multiple scripts from that person and you like their style.

got a link for me? XD