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How to script in OpenFunScripter - video tutorial


OpenFunScriper (or OFS) is an open-sourced tool made by @gagax123 that lets you create funscripts for your interactive sex toys. This tutorial was made in order to introduce new people into the world of scripting in OFS, but since the purpose of this software is very similiar to JoyFunScripter it might be used to gain some knowledge on it too.

The tutorial is voice acted by TTS. While it shouldn’t be a problem for people fluent in english it might be hard to understand by less advanced, so here is the link to every single word put into the text file that you can use along the videos:

The videos are hosted on Mega, so please import them before downloading. Hopefully they won’t get taken down. You can download the tutorials and do with them whatever you want - you can reupload and share it, you can use it to make your own version etc. - I don’t really care about it.

>> Part 1 - Installation

This short, 2 minutes long video covers the following topics:

  • where you can download OFS,
  • how to install it properly,
  • what dependencies are required in order to run all functions flawlessly,
  • where to look for help if the program doesn’t work properly.

In order for OFS to work properly install all those dependencies:

>> Part 2 - Scripting fundamentals

This 25 minutes long segment covers the following topics:

  • (00:00) OpenFunScripter overview → menu toolbars / key bindings / video modes / metadata / setup of workspace and simulator / restoring default settings
  • (07:34) Frame-by-frame scripting mode / statistics window / different types of selection
  • (15:35) Alternating scripting mode
  • (17:20) Dynamic injection scripting mode
  • (18:44) Recording (on-the-fly) scripting mode
  • (21:05) Using multiple versions of the scripts for the same scene for learning purposes / bookmarks

Following scripts of my creation were used during this part of the tutorial:

If you want to expand on some matters mentioned during tutorial check this tutorial made by Sentinel. It’s a great read, really.

>> Part 3 - Advanced Scripting

This 25 minutes long segment covers the following topics:

Following scripts of my creation were used during this part of the tutorial:

If you have any questions feel free to ask them in the comments below.


Thank you for this Husky. I skimmed thru the videos and they look very well put together. I think this will help me get into scripting more. Thanks again and enjoy your break!

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Most of the time you are doing frame by freme or you are doing 6 by 6 or 10 by 10 etc ?

I’m usually going frame by frame or use repeat function like between 10:21 and 11:00 in the 2nd part of the tutorial and adjust points position along the way.

Hi, not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I’m having trouble opening the downloader. I keep getting ‘windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. you may not have the appropriate…’. I’ve tried running it as admin but no luck. Any advice?

Have you tried some of these solutions yet?

You are not even able to install it?
Does the error occurs, when you double click the .exe file?

Yes I’ve tried what the forum said, checked perms and even allowed it in my security. The error does occur when I double click the .exe file. It’s in my downloads folder, not sure if that means anything.

Hmm, weird. Did you try to download the .7z file and unpack it with WinRar / 7-Zip?
With this way you would skip the whole installation path and just run the OFS.exe directly without the need of an installation.

Oh man, I just got it. There were more security things I needed to do. Thanks for the replies.

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You are welcome. Yeah, some security programs exaggerate it a bit with their strict settings ^^

Hi, im trying to install OpenFunScripter on my windows 10 pc to try to create my own scripts. When I download the .exe from github and try to run the application i get a system error that says “the code execution cannot proceed because VCRUNTIME140_1.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem.” I tried reinstalling and the same error occurs. I thought I had the prerequisites downloaded aswell?(Ran Lavfilter.75 installer.exe, and when I try to Install Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable Update 3 it says I already have version installed. Was wondering if anyone could tell me what’s wrong, as I am a complete noob when it comes to computer stuff. Sorry for my naivety, and thanks for your time.

Is there a way to connect a Handy whilst in the program so that you can preview the script as you make it?

Nope, I think you can only connect OSR (not sure). For Handy you have to save funscript and use it with one of the avaliable apps / handyfeeling.

I have many scripts that I did some time ago in JoyFunScripter. Is there a way to migrate these files or their content to OpenFunScripter?

In OFS click “File” then "Import “Video/script” and choose the funscript you would like to work on. This will give you what you want I believe.

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Is there a way to multiply a group of selected nodes (the handy position points on the graph)?
Like highlight which ones you want to double thier values or half their values?

Is Part 3 still in progress? Or is there somewhere else that explains it

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It is. For now I suggest looking into How to get started with scripting for some tips.

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How would i set the min and max vibration intensity for the likes of the max 2.

I’ve never scripted for vibration toys, but from what I understand position 100 in the script is for the most intense vibrations and 0 for the least or none. You might want to create some basic script where you put different values and see how it works for you, it doesn’t have to match the action, just something you could try.