I have a dream

Nope, i am not Martin Luther King :wink:

I am just dreaming of a new kind of porn. Porn videos like a series, some kind of netflix stuff. A new way of Girlfriend / Wife experience. I don’t care about interactive or not, of course it will be better if you can bring in your own choices like in LIFE SELECTOR stuff. But at first I don’t think it will be necessary. Interactive toy support is a must have.

At the moment I watch the tv series production CALIFORNICATION, I think for the 3rd time. And I thinking about how cool it will be, to catch a VR Headset (or just POV) and be Hank Moody, the main character in this series. Of course there must be hardcore scenes but there should be a story that is interesting enough to watch it beside the hardcore stuff too.

I know that not the same production costs possible at the porn industry as on tv / streamer productions. But I think with a good story and nice scene play you don’t miss it, also because at least 30% of the time people fuck here. Of course it could be possible to do a partnership with a serious production company and make 2 versions of this series. A soft one just with short Softcore scenes and a hard one for a porn streamer. But thats a step to far at first I think.

If every friday a new 30-45 min video will be released, it would be great.

Just a little scene play:
Imagine you are a fkcd up barista who dreamed of becoming a novel writer. You go into a bar to drink the pain away and the bar is full of nice ladies. You sit down take a drink and look around. You start flirting with a girl and get a rebuff. You start writing on your novell with the next drink in your hand and a desperate milf sits next to you and starting to talk to you. You talk about your books blablabla and she getting hot and kissed you (VR Experience). She sits on your lab and you feel her ass (Interactive toy Experience). She starts talking about life and stuff, kissed you, you drink and so on. At the end she takes you home, you fuck the hell out of here. In the middle of the night you here a door, she freaking out, her husband came home earlier. She give you a good by kiss and you jump out of the window and run as fast as you can home. Go to sleep…

That should be around 20 min video material and unlimited ways to build up a interesting story.


Is there any stuff like this available or planned? I didn’t find infos.


don’t know what you mean exactly. But a good fusion of LIFE SELECTOR Stuff with VR Experience you can find on www.dezyred.com

I don’t want the stupid porn stories, I want a good series with porn elements. dezyred looks like LIFE SELECTOR but the story is so damn stupid every time, with horrible voice over :nauseated_face:

I am not sure wehter this could work for a bigger audience. Would mean, that there are a significant number of People who would also support this and would watch this. But we are talking of Porn. So if one wants to see porn, one doesn’t sit next to TV Set and watches a Series where sometimes occur porn scenes…and GOOD series are expensiv. I would not hope for something like this to happen if I where you. Sorry Dude

Thats why I call it dream :sweat_smile:

But there must be a market. So much people play those interactive porn games that a story driven.

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i have a similar dream… :smile: how awesome a series like the game “Being A DIK” with a similiar story and adult content would be…

Exctly, “Being a DIK” is a great game but I like IRL more than animated stuff. And sadly the sex scenes in those games are too far away from reality.

I believe it’s more probable that someone does what you want in CGI rather than IRL. Partly because most pornstar suck at acting and most “real” actors/actresses won’t participate in real sex. This is a video I found quickly searching on youtube about how realistic it could be even in Unreal Engine 4 in 2018. Insanely Realistic Creepy Computer Faces Are Here... - YouTube Just wait until the graphics engines and hardware have evolved a bit more. Some stuff made in Unreal 5 looks amazing. How VFX works | Unreal Engine - YouTube

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Check out this video - Matrix resurrections PS5

Recently played this and the graphics made me think of this same kind of thing, CGI porn on the next level. If you have ever watched a full on movie style porn then you know just how bad they are. Bad acting, lane stories, and you find yourself just waiting for the next xxx scene. However with the future of CGI and voice actors, I can definitely see this becoming a thing.

Unreal 5 Engine looks really awesome. Maybe @SlowScripter and you are right. CGI is the future of porn that I like to see, maybe my future job :blush: