I have the .funscripts now what?

How I link the scripts to the video? I dont understand this part…

There are a couple of threads about that when it comes to VR.

This one is the easiest IMHO:

A much more extensive guide for all kinds of combinations can be found here. Not as easy to digest but it contains lots of information.

The most important things to remember are that the .funscript file must be named exactly as the video file except for the file extension and the script file shall be stored in the same folder as the video. That way the players will automatically detect the script file and load it. The funscript file can also reside in the Interactive folder in My Documents if you use the SLR/DeoVR app.


I wish people who are looking for the help would use the search bar first or at least gave basic informations such as device they use and what type of videos they want to play (2d or vr).

I mean come on, after you type “keon” there is like a 100 topics about this, but I guess this might be in your interest too:

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thanks for you time! sorry, it’s true that I shoud’ve looked in the forum before asking people to autogive me the answer… I am lazy and should work on it. Really appreciate the help tho :slight_smile: will try to look for answers before posting a new question!

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I like https://funscript.io/

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@Husky I didn’t even see the Keon tag until now so I was totally in the dark about the device :slight_smile:
@jeanbois Hope it all works out for you given the links you got now. Please contribute if you find parts of the descriptions lacking and you still figure out how to set all up, then the next person might have an easier time.


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