I just got my kiiroo keon and the feel connect app dose not find him help please

I just got my kiiroo keon and the feel connect app dose not find him when i search for it.

My Keon is open and it’s blinking and my phone bluetooth can find the device, but the app does not seem to find him.
now i saw a few videos that show that it can find it on youtube like this one:

Can any one help me ?
What am I doing wrong?

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I would try to use the haptic app to see if that works

or for apple

It is working on Haptics Connect perfectly. :slight_smile:
Do you now what is the problem with feel connect ?
And there is another way to connect it to media / videos ?

ty sry
Im new here

The feel connect app has never been good but Is the Keon led blinking or have you paired it with the phone or something? That might interfere with the connection.
I dont have a keon but i assume it works like the Launch.

And for other ways to connect try.

scriptplayer - local video/script player
Intiface® Central - provides a connection to your toy for games/vr/streams/websites etc

I think there are a couple versions of the Feelconnect app out there. Make sure you are using version 3.** something.

Sometimes there are connection issues with the Bluetooth part of the Keon. Try pushing and holding the power button in until the blue light starts blinking. This could take 15 seconds. It resets the Bluetooth. Then power it back up and see if it will connect.

I almost never use the app. A couple options in a previous response are pretty good for general use.


I managed to make the kiiroo keon work.

but not for long :frowning:

after a 1 use the keon got stuck

the lights are blinking red and blue

when i try using menual mode it’s moving when i am pushing using my hand on the keon, but then it go right back to the position it started and stuck there.
Is there any way to open the keon to check what is blocking it ?

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