I like to script by doing bottom points first, is there a plugin that would auto fil the top ones for me? (in openfunscripter)

OFS Has that built in. Just go to Mode in the top right and change from default to dynamic injection. It can auto add top or bottom points with select able speed and offset.

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thats awesome, i script by doing bottom points first aswell :exploding_head:

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oh i know about that but i dont really use it because it doesn’t put the other point on the top top which i usually do, which is when i do a second pass but i guess i dont have a choice lol

thank you, too bad i saw this after scripting the videos i got recently lmao oh well

if your still having problems i would recommend trying out the SexLikeReal Fun Scripter. Try Creating Your Own Interactive Sex Toy Scripts! Step by Step Tutorial! - SLR VR porn videos and interactive sex toys hangout

When will the AI working version be made public? I tried the v1.13 but no AI in there for new scripts.

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