I’m still using the Realtouch after all these years! Am I the only one left?

Am I the only one left using the realtouch?
Are there any new scripts for it? I only play ott files as I’m unsure how to play funscripts with the device.
Tks guys!


I do miss that device. It was awesome. I vividly remember laying waste to a bunch of Jenna Haze scripts with that device

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I wish I still had mine. After the lube pump stopped working one of the belts broke away from the drive wheels and it became unusable… I really enjoyed that device a lot. If I could find one for sale, I’d buy it without hesitation.

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I envy you so much. My last one kicked the bucket about nine years ago (RIP). I lasted literal seconds the first time, and I’ll never forget it. As much as I love my Handy, there was something really incredible about that belt system.

The scripts and vids had a weird system of binding the script file to the video and then you would just play the video with windows media player. Does anyone know if there’s a way to extract the script file from those videos? The ott files function the same as funscripts so I would love to go down memory lane and try some of those again with the Handy. I would especially love to try that free Stamina Training video again. I still remember that blowjob it starts with from the blonde lying on the bed.

Eroscripts is obviously an improvement, but those first days of RTS was exciting stuff. I always wonder if anyone I used chat and trade with back then are still here. I’m still the same burtreynolds. I just had to make a new burtreynolds account after my RealTouch died and then rejoined the forum nine years later.

Good shit man. Good shit.


I still have it! I haven’t used it in years since I moved onto the Kiiroo Keon. I remember my first time with it was amazing, but it also used insane amounts of lube to keep going.


I wish I was able to try this device as well, as that belt system really seemed like it could have worked well, and seems it did based on your guys responses

Was there anything in particular about the realtouch that you think should be brought back or focused in a new toy?

Interesting to know you prefer the Keon over the realtouch - I like my Keon very much as well, but any reason in particular you reach for that over the realtouch may I ask? (besides the insane lube feeding)

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Here are some of my thoughts on the RealTouch. My memory might be a little biased because after my last RealTouch broke it was maybe another six or seven years until I got another interactive toy (Launch then Handy). I don’t think I could be very objective on the benefits of one over the other since I never got to try them side by side.

I will say that at the time, I had zero complaints about the experience of actually using the toy. Every time I used it, it was an earth shattering experience which I can’t say about the Handy even though there’s nothing wrong with that device. The belts were made of a type of artificial skin sex toy material and the texture was just simple horizontal ribbing. I found the sensation of that to be absolutely sublime. I would very much like to find a stroker for my Handy with the same material and texture. There was really no limitation to the speed and stroke length was infinite in either direction. Blowjob scripts could be unbelievably good. The belts could somehow recreate the rolling sensations of being in a mouth with a tongue working your cock. In fact someone once posted a script for an amateur vid of a girl that just did that for like ten or twenty minutes. It was outrageously good! Another cool thing it could do for blowjobs was when the girl would come up all the way off the cock and then lick from the base up the shaft, there was no need for an extra movement that a stroker needs in order to get the sleeve back down to the base. Even just turning the device on to “infinite suck mode” and watching porn was an incredible experience. Patterns for cock heros could be really cool because they could have entire sections that could just be down down down down or up up up up. Obviously it couldn’t do something like just head stimulation unless you pulled out manually, but everything just felt so good I never cared about that.

The lube pump was a cool function when it was actually working. It was always the first thing to go for myself and many others. I never really missed it, but it was convenient, a nice bell and whistle, and was a very nice effect when a girl would spit on your cock.

Something I really liked about the RealTouch was that you didn’t have to have a 100% erection 100% of the time to use it. If your erection waxes and wanes during use, there’s no need to change stroke length or make any adjustments to your set up as long as you’re still physically in the device. If you have the day off and nothing to do, you could definitely set some records. That thing pulled many back to back loads out of me, and I used it to completion many times when I was only half interested in getting off. Now contrast this with a stroking device. If I’m only half interested it means my dick is eventually going to flop out, then I have to readjust the sleeve/strap/stroke length, and a lot of times get too frustrated and give up. If you don’t give up on the RealTouch, the RealTouch isn’t giving up on you. At least that was my experience.

You didn’t need an engineering degree for a hands free setup plus an additional hundred bucks in ipad stands, stanley multi-swivel clamps, bicycle water bottle holders, and various 3D printed mounts and doodads. You just set it down between your legs and let it work on you. I particularly enjoyed sitting in a chair with an inflatable yoga ball between my legs and the RealTouch on that. This would allow it to have some bounce as it did its work. Holding it in your hands was also easy enough.

If I remember correctly it was also really quiet. I did not live alone when I first got mine, and I don’t recall doing anything special for noise concerns. I might have put a towel over it. It was so good, I was probably more concerned about the noises I was making rather than the noises it was making.

Now were there problems with the RealTouch? Hoooooo boyyyy yes! Those problems however were mostly with regards to cleaning, drying, hygiene, not getting water into areas that should never have water anywhere near them, and the overall lack of convenience regarding the aforementioned issues. Immediately after use you had to unplug the device from its control tower and then take the entire thing to the bathtub to rinse the cum and lube out. For some of you paying attention, you might have noticed that I said bathTUB and not bathROOM. That is correct. Most bathroom sinks were not big enough to accommodate the cleaning process of the RealTouch. If you were cleaning it in the kitchen sink, then shame on you. If you were cleaning it in the kitchen sink and you lived with other people, then… wow… that is a truly horrible thought.

tldr: Someone needs to rebuild the RealTouch so we can put a wig on it and mount it to an OSR.


HOUSEMATE 1: Oh hey, what ya got there in our communal kitchen sink?

HOUSEMATE 2 (RealTouch Enthusiast): Oh hey, yeah, I’m just washing out my dicksucking machine.

HOUSEMATE 1: Oh word? Did you get home from work early today?

HOUSEMATE 2 (RealTouch Enthusiast): Nah, this is just a bunch of loads I let marinate overnight.

HOUSEMATE 1: Cool cool I’m calling the police.

It had a nice heating feature that could be scripted along with the lube pump to pump lube in if the scene had something where the girl spit or squirted you could script some lube and heat to go with it.

It also had a mechanism in the orifice that could be scripted to open and close making it simulate orgasm spasms or a mouth opening and closing on you… It was a pretty great machine.

A few months after mine started acting up, I was in a local adult store and saw that they had one for sale. I kick myself for not buying it. At the time I was thinking they’d be around a while and I’d have another chance to buy one or they’d make an upgraded version…

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Love the indepth review - Feels like I was there right with you in your memories :laughing:

This is perfect feedback and was very close to what I imagined the experience would be like with that device - definitely passed this on and will see what we can come up with to relive that outstanding experience for sure


Well, for one it’s sturdier. The realtouch kinda felt like it had a hard time staying together. Also a lot of the edges were very angled, so it would hurt if you grabbed it in the wrong way. Washing it was also much more work than washing a sleeve. It’s also much noisier and has a warm-up period everytime you plug it in. It also relied on using a Windows Media Player plug-in which was not always reliable. Also, it relied on a wired connection instead of wireless connection.

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