I need help . Can i watch interactive content offline? Quest 2

Im new to this. I got a keon and a quest 2. I figured out how to stream interactive content (i have a slr and wankzvr subscription) but the quality of the videos is obviously streaming quality. I downloaded an interactive vid on wankz and it looked way better then with streaming. Problem is how do i set up the keon and make the interactive part about the video actually work? As i said im completely new to this so id appreciate any help

@Juxlian140 - Welcome to a whole new amazing world, and thanks for being an SLR subscriber!

You should be able to connect really quickly and easily through the easy step by step guide under Option #2 from the thread below:

For Offline use as you are preferring, scroll a little further and follow the steps under " **OFFLINE TIPS:"

Feel free to ask if you have questions or get stuck anywhere - godspeed!

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Heresphere will let you play interactive content on Quest 2 while offline.


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