I wanna know, scripters

Does scripting make any of u…well less inclined to either enjoy or even not use the script? Or is it just me? I’ve no equipment anyway but still.
Cause I’m on my 3rd script(2 still being edited) and wow does watching frame by frame really…numb me, put simply. Whole time I’m cursing at the screen thinking " FU KING GO UP & DOWN FOR THE LOVE OF GOD "
I’m still new but man has scripting changed my perspective on…stuff, put simply.


Wait. You’re making scripts but you don’t have any equipment to that utilizes scripts?

Frame by frame scripting just kills it for me…idk maybe I’m just weird :sweat_smile: but going forward ima just script without ever partaking in its usage.

Besides I’m a person driven by curiosity & currently I want to know if I can perfectly match a scene without testing. I won’t be done here till I make such a script

I feel your pain nothing worse then skimming though a vid thinking this won’t be so bad just to notice there is some hairy man foot in the picture for 4000 frames who the heck let him do that put some socks on your hammer toes. ATLEAST ONE FOOT PLZZ Sometimes it goes the other way and just completely forget about scripting enjoy the video then it hits oh yah? maybe I will go back and fix that…good thing it is free

For me, all the scripts I’ve made are of videos I’ve always wanted scripted. Was already a fan of the vids and would have loved to see them made, so when I finish a script I absolutely enjoy them for myself.

I do only script for fun or with my spare time and don’t do it for a job or source of income, don’t doubt that if I did my tune might change drastically. I do know the struggles that come with frame by frame scripting, a 10 min video can take me at least 4-6 hours depending on how complex the actions are to follow.

Yes of course! When I Script something that’s hard to Script. After I finished Scripting it I can enjoy it only after a few days :joy::face_with_symbols_over_mouth: haha

As others wrote, I script because I really want to enjoy a scene. And I usually do, have watched some of my scripted scenes many times and some of them are my favourites. But I’m usually not that horny after a long scripting session, just exhausted. Have learned to script a little bit now and then instead but it is hard, I like to finish things.

Have made the mistake of scripting something I didn’t end up liking that much some times, nowadays I am careful about what I pick and always skim through the whole scene before starting. Motion tracking can help there as well, I have several scenes motion tracked but the tracking graph gave me second thoughts.

How about this one, who here has experienced this:

You teach yourself scripting and after a couple months of practice, you start turning to your favorite older scenes, scenes you’ve watched over 100 times, to script so you can finally experience them on the next level.

And you get in there and it just isn’t working. It doesn’t translate well to being a good script for whatever reason, either there’s too long between bouts of fucking or the action is really slow and languid so the Handy doesn’t really handle it well so you have to figure out how to trick it. I’ve got a couple older scenes that I don’t find as compelling now that I’ve had to break it down to it’s barest elements, pun intended.

Although on the flip side, some times scripts enhance older scenes and breath new life into them. The older Kacey gangbang scenes that were upscaled recently, I’ve scripted bits of those and those are the scenes I consistently go back to when I’m in leisure mode.

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Passing an unhealty amount of hours scripting a specific vid doesn’ t really make enjoyable to use it on the short term :smiling_face_with_tear:, and yes, I’ve found myself yelling at the screen too :joy:

But on the long run (i’m talking months) it changes everything, the vids return to be great (if you liked them in the first place) and the scripts become perfect because are done to your specific taste :+1:

About the testing:
A script can obviosly be a perfect match with a scene on the first try but testing is really important because:

  • you need to test if the scene really is a perfect match
  • you need to see if everything works an no parts have been forgotten
  • you need to check if movements are coherent with the actions (based on your interpretation and hardware possibility)
  • you need to understand if parts the script need some enhancement or corrections

or at least this is my approach to testing :beers:


stick to smaller project like loops that can be played on repeat or have simple angles that the AI funscripter can capture and it greatly reduces the exhaustion of working on a long script.
I have a 1 hour video I’ve been working on and it’s impossible to use the AI scripter on due to dynamic camera angles and weird positions that make it hard to for it to pick up movement properly so I work on it 5 minutes at a time, get it to a good position, then test it a few days later when I feel less frustrated.

Be nice to yourself and leave the hard work to machines.

This is a bit like a topic I started awhile back Do you think testing your own scripts is a bit like tickling yourself? (ie it doesn't work for you?)

Everything u mention is valid. And from everyone else’s responses, my thinking is a phase it seems…well everything but the screaming

Did not know about this…smh.

I’ve a folder filled with scenes needing scripts & it’s only full vr scenes or solos. Hoping solo vids will be less annoying as well as shorter

Do tell me more cause I’ve a list of NA videos cause Rachel Starr, Mia Malkova, still got some videos needing scripts.