I want to build an OSR2 and/or SR6

I am pretty new here and have used the Handy. I am interested in building something with multi axis. I have a 3d printer, but I am not sure where to start as far as getting STL files and more importantly the electronics and assembly directions.

Hoping someone here can point me in the right direction.


You’ll find everything you need here on Tempest’s Patreon page. Godspeed! (that thing is freaking amazing)

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What @Ufungus said. Basically, you pay $8 for at least one month on Patreon, and you get access (via Discord) to the STL files, build instructions, and a community of people who can answer questions you come up with.

I’d suggest starting with a simple two-servo OSR2, then deciding if you want to ramp up the complexity with extra axes, or the SR6. There are also other widgets you can add, like twist motion, sleeve heaters, and even lube pumps. Since you have a 3D printer, you don’t need to commit all at once by ordering parts from an online print service.

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Try this: osr2++ by ioculena - Thingiverse
It has all the parts to buid an OSR2++, a 3 axis - stroke, pitch and roll

Thank you I’ll check this out. Which video player do you use with multi access?

My personal favorite is MultiFunPlayer

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I’m using Linux and XTPlayer works good enough.
see it here: Khrull is creating games/software | Patreon

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OK so I got my OSR2 built, not a bad build at all. I am looking for mount ideas. hoping someone has a real simple mounting solution

I use this, upside down, to connect to the OSR2 base. While I clamped it to my desk for a while, the threads on the clamp gradually wore away, requiring more and more padding over time.

I’ve now removed the clamp, and instead put the tube into a heavy umbrella stand on the floor (something like this). Holds it quite steady during even fast movements. The chair I use has five legs on casters, and if I rotate them so the stand goes between two of the legs, I get plenty close enough to the OSR2.

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