I will pay for funscripts

how much would i need to pay one of you to script a 5 min vid for me?

What’s the video? 5 minutes of scripting isn’t a huge commitment to make. I might be interested.

About 20$. Hit me up.

It depends on the action in the video. There is a huge different between 5 mins JOI and 5 mins fast blowjob.

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If the Video is “good” most scripters will do it for free. :wink:

The time needed for scripting depends on the video too. A >600u/s Hanjob needs more work than a slow ride.

Just Post the Video/Create a Request. You will see if a scripter picks it up. I Scripted Short Clips i liked so mutch, that i recut them to make them longer.

“How much will a script cost” is like going to tha bakery and asking for the price of “many rolls”. :wink: