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Hi, I have worked before to a huge company that manages scripters before. I don’t work in this company anymore, but my friends do. Supposedly, as a Freelancer, mostly have to work during weekdays but not with this manager, she/he was forcing out people to finish a 360-minute set of videos (that’s 6 hours) with a salary of $3/hour, 40/hours per week. Now my question is, was this a well-compensated job given that you are working on this kind of job? And since the given set wasn’t enough for a week, scripters were forced to work on weekends, without Overtime pay. They are now working over a year, but they can’t get out of this job because that’s the only job that they have.

In what country?
Why cant they do something else/find different work?
Are they doing this as full time job or after theyre main job?

In most western countries I believe its illegal to pay below minimum wage unless theres tipping involved, hence why rideshare/delivery/etc has tipping. I know thats the case in Canada.
If scripting porn videos is all they can do then unless theyre severely disabled theres a smorgasbord of jobs/careers out there and huge labour shortages across the board.
If this is an after work thing that they enjoy and makes them a few bucks then its entirely on them to decide to continue or not.
I cant give you a proper response because i dont really know theyre current circumstances. Like what i asked above and more.

I guess it depends entirely on what the average hourly wages are in the country in question. A quick search reveals this remarkable fact: “Three billion people in the world live on less than $2 USD per day”. The global mean yearly income is $850 USD. That is remarkably little, compared to most western countries. Billions of people can only dream of making $3 per hour, or even per day.

If this is in a European country, that employer is basically using/abusing people in the worst way. You can’t afford to pay rent and buy food here for those kinds of wages.

As to salary, my opinion is the same as the comments above - it depends on the country. You can compare it to any popular profession in your country, e.g. shop assistant. It also depends on what is expected as the end result, if they expect from you motion tracked script with small adjustments 40hrs/360min can still be ok (about 1hour to 10min ratio). If they expect from you high quality scripts like those on SLR than it’s a bit sketchy.

It sounds like your friends are living in a country where it’s hard to find a job (India?), I don’t envy them if they are.

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I’d say this is not a fair pay, considering there are other options. Where I’m from the minimum hourly is around that - 2-3 dollars, still, doesn’t make it right.
Maybe consider what @doublevr said and let your friends know about options in SLR

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Regardless of the legalities a full time job means the company really needs this works completed, it means they really need this employee and will prosper from the labor. ANY full time job should pay a LIVABLE wage. If the wage is not livable the employee is not being adequately compensated. Period. End of conversation. I understand “the law” protects or provides loopholes for labor abuse around the world. IT DOES NOT MAKE IT OKAY TO ABUSE/EXPLOIT WORKERS. Not paying a livable wage for a full time roll is labor abuse and exploitation. There is no such thing as a skill-less job or roll that excuses or should allow non living wages to be paid.

End of Rant.

TLDR If the wage isn’t livable and it is a full time roll, no they are not being adequately compensated.


We would love to, I tried but your company has restrictions as what your Resource team says.

Thank you for this, this was indeed true. It’s not really livable wage for a full-time position. Aside from the given situation that we have in today’s society, the inflation, it’s very rough.

Somewhere in asia, I don’t want to drop it. I’m sorry.
They can actually but the given situation that we have, the inflation that makes everything expensive really affected them. It’s quite hard to find a job also because of scarce. And yes, they are doing a full-time job. It was $8/hour before but changes from time to time, the manager reason out that “it’s because of the war and so on”. I would like to speak to the human resource about it before, but the manager prohibits us to do so, she/he keeps on saying “I’ll be the one who will relay this message from the people above” which I think is really sketchy that’s why I leave.

Can you contact me in DM and tell me a bit more about the situation? Maybe we at SLR can find some solution for your friends


Yeah, sorry about that. If I remind it right that’s the country on some stop list for the banks where sending money is not recommended.

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