I'd highly recommend against the Kiiroo KEON

I purchased a Kiiroo KEON about two weeks ago. I had attempted to purchase it from their site, but got an error telling me that they don’t sell to my state (in my LENGTHY conversations with support after the fact, it turns out this was some sort of error and they were just “out of stock”) - so I ordered it from eBay (new, in box, from a seller that definitely sounded like a retail sex toy shop).

It worked for exactly two days.

Then I contacted support. They confirm via video that the unit is malfunctioning, but because I ordered from eBay (or Amazon) they will not honor their one year warranty.

This is against US law.

You cannot limit warranties based on where the product is sold: Magnuson–Moss Warranty Act - Wikipedia - if you offer a warranty, you offer a warranty.

I’ve informed them that they’re breaking the law and they just basically tell me they don’t care.

I’d HIGHLY avoid anything from Kiiroo where you may need to take advantage of the warranty.

I was really hoping to like it (and to be fair, I really like the Apolonia FeelStroker - it’s way higher quality manufacturing than Fleshlight’s)

(side note: I wish I had discovered this site or The Handy before I had ordered, seems like everyone is on that train and based on the PITA it was to get the Keon to work with the Quest 2 and getting a spare android phone for SLR Interactive - I totally can see why)

I think many people are in a similar spot - they are interested in interactive stuff like this, but the really good things dont get any marketing to the mainstream. The handy is one of the two top devices I would recommend. The other (and arguably best) is the OSR2. The only downside of the OSR2 is that you can only use it with anything that fits inside a fleshlight case (for now atleast). The handy’s biggest pro is that it lets you use many kinds of onaholes as far as I know, because it uses a strap to mount them onto the unit.

The Keon is very, very lack-luster compared to these two. I myself own one, because it was the best option I had known of at the time. Considering that I could have gotten a OSR2 for almost the same price, it was indeed a giant waste of money. And thats with it working flawlessly for me so far (almost half a year), I didn’t even have issues or had to do anything with the warranty, and I still feel that I wasted money on it.

I am no law expert, but according to that act:
A “consumer” is a buyer of consumer goods for personal use. A buyer of consumer products for resale is not a consumer
So your only a consumer if you don’t buy it resale, which i assume to be any authorized vendor of the product.
Which i would assume the ebay seller isn’t, based on Kiiroo’s response.
So they are completely within their rights, but its still a dickmove on their part.

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The OSR2 can use things like onaholes with adapters. I cant remember where I saw the adapter tho.

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That’s awesome to hear. I only recall that one person had a thread here where it was implied only fleshlight sleeves could be used with it.

I had Kiiroo replace 3 Launch’s for me under the year warranty, so I’d have to say I would completely disagree with the what you are saying.

Third party sellers are third party sellers. There is no way to uphold a warranty on that.

I would say about The Handy to skip it and go for the OSR. The handy needs an extra attachment for a FL or otherwise it’s too small for some people.

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So your only a consumer if you don’t buy it resale, which i assume to be any authorized vendor of the product.

I am almost 100% sure you are misreading that, and that it means “A buyer of consumer goods for [the purpose of] resale is not a consumer.” In this case, “consumer” is being defined as “end user”, which is a fairly common usage when talking about consumer protection laws. So a reseller is not protected, but the person they sell the product to would be.

I currently sell a couple of adapters along with the OSR2 on my site.