I'd like the ability to change my username

would be a nice feature. don’t wanna delete my account just to have a new username yknow.

If a mod hasn’t dm you yet for username change then dm a mod for username change.
I dm’ed hugecat for my username change before.
Something discourse default setting or something.

I thought this had something about the why it’s request only, but it doesn’t:

Another quick search for username reveals this short thread on the why, which is discourse setting:

3 years since that, so maybe it’s possible for custom trust level users to change usernames now?

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i guess ill try that but i dont have a way to do it myself

I wouldn’t mark my reply as solution since there could be a chance for the site setting to allow username changes unless mods say the reason why its dm request only.
Haven’t researched in depth on this.

well given i dont know of a better solution lol, yeah idk why its like that tbh

Discourse does have the ability to allow users to change their own names (with limitations).
I lean towards preferring it to be a mod-only thing (mainly because I feel like users changing their names all the time might become quite confusing, and because I think reputation is an important part of how communities function and making it very easy to leave an old reputation behind makes it easier for people to behave badly).

Curious to see what people think though - I unmarked jackal’s post as a solution in the hopes more people chime in.