Idea for arousal feedback in toy integration

I think a fleshlight sleeve trying to imitate something it is not will never realize it’s maximum potential for pleasure. It isn’t a hand. Is it really preferable for it to try to move like one just because we can watch a hand move at the same time?

This is a linear potentiometer: Interlink Force-Sensing Linear Potentiometer (FSLP) Demonstration with WS2812B LED Strip - YouTube
It provides feedback as to where along a strip, and how hard it is being pressed on. Imagine such a strip attached to the interior case of a fleshlight between the case and the sleeve. It could provide feedback to a stroking device as to how deep you are in the device, and as you get harder, how much pressure you’re exerting on the strip from inside the sleeve. Software could easily adjust maximum stroke length on the fly knowing exactly how deep you are reaching in the sleeve at any moment. It should also be possible to use the pressure data in conjunction to determine arousal levels and adjust speed/depth for edging.

Now imagine AI plugged in to this feedback, generating movement in real time with the ability to learn exactly what strokes make your arousal levels go up the most, programmed to edge you over and over. Imagine that movement used to drive a VR avatar for visual stimulation at the same time, or able to control your video library to generate compilations utilizing the arousal level feedback.


I welcome our AI overlords for our sexual pleasure :innocent:

This is a lot harder than it might seem. As a lot of things do not easily show themselve. Getting harder might be feedback it can use, but depending on yesterday activities your responses can already change:

  • If you are more tired, you are less likely to go fully hard. And alcohol the day before can make you tired.
  • What did you eat/drink? Some food makes this easier.
  • Did you recently pee? The amount of pee in your bladder changes what your organs feel during sex.

So far there are only a few devices that are reliable upon acting towards your arousal. And that is because of a reliable physical respone. And even here it requires human interaction to adjust: The nogasm uses an inflatable butplug to detect pressure, which is an indication of being close to cum. And then decides to turn itself off so you are denied to cum (or ruin it in a very frustrating way).

Sure, i suspect that this butplug can be useful for AIs to act upon. But for that there are more likely a lot of extra places usable (breathing rate, other muscles). A camera often isnt good enough at detecting these details as they can not see what happens internaly.

But if your desire is to edge as much as possible. I would recommend looking for a nogasm. Its going to force them upon you. Even if not used as bdsm, it is reliable for doing this, and once you finaly want to cum you can just alter its values so it pushes you over the edge. 1 downside though: its vibration only

Edit: the device did get a rename at some point (the software is still called like that): Edge-o-Matic 3000 – Maus-Tec

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I agree it would probably need more info than just this this strip to learn properly. Like using the analog stick of a controller as a “how good does this feel” dial, and buttons for edging/cumming. I think eventually it would be able to pair that information with the strip feedback though, and the other input wouldn’t be necessary.

Even such dial can do many things. Since trying to speed it up or down is an indication of what you desire, but not what an AI thinks it has to do. If you try to speed it up a lot, the AI might think its too early to go for maximum speeds and just decide to go only 20% faster. But a flaw here is if you constantly use that wheel, its going to become useless information as it simply means: wants max speed all the time, which doesnt need AI.

For edging even there you can find many tresholds: getting close, very close, almost to the limit, perfectly on the edge, just slightly over the edge (ruining), massively over the edge (full cumshot). And its often hard for a human to tell where exactly they are. But thats where the nogasm uses your anal muscles as measurement as instead of being manual user input, its purely reflex based (much harder for humans to control).

You realy want to check for areas where you can measure body responses rather than requiring the user to manualy do inputs.